Marketing automation across multiple channels

As marketing automation evolves, email marketing is becoming less and less one of the main channels to get your message across to your customers. Making the inclusion of different channels is vital to any marketing campaign. Think of email marketing as the preferred channel but slowly becoming the “Graham Bell communication device” of marketing. Marketing communication needs to evolve, become more efficient and reach more audiences through diverse (multi-)channels. 

Getting your message across

It’s important to use marketing automation to get your message across many channels as you think relevant to your campaigns. Even important is to use the right channels to target your audience in the most effective and least intrusive way possible.

Communication channels

You can consider to use the following communication channels:

  • Email marketing will work only if your contacts have signed up to receive emails from you directly. And not to forget that they actually open and read your emails. 
  • Push notifications are a great way to promote your campaigns, but they are also limited to the contact accepting them in their devices. 
  • SMS messages work very similar to push notifications but to a higher cost. It’s better to limit these messages for promoting exclusive items. 
  • Social media channels are a great way to have cost effective campaigns that will reach large audiences. Retargeting them for the same campaign is less intrusive than an email campaign or push notifications. Try to pick social media channels depending on the audience you want to reach.

Save time by automating

Picking the right channels is key to the success of your campaigns. Furthermore getting your message across more than one channel can be a time consuming task. Many of the marketing automation tools available don’t allow you to use more than the conventional email. When using marketing automation right, this task can become a single task procedure. This involves including your channels within your marketing messages and making it part of your campaign.

Tip: Look for marketing automation tools that will allow you to integrate not just emails within your campaigns but other channels. The K2 Marketing Automation Cloud (MAC) for example allows you to use email, push notifications, sms, post messages on Twitter, Facebook pages and LinkedIn company pages as part of one marketing campaign that will automate the process.

Multiple communication channels campaigns

So remember that evolving into how you target your audiences means getting your message across hand picked channels without letting the process take hours of your day. Have a nice Marketing Automated day!

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