K2 MAC marketing automation solution

It’s been just over a month since I started working at K2 Marketing where I was invited to join them as their Technical Lead and Mautic expert. During this month, I have been assigned to work with Mautic related projects and also setting up a SaaS solution based on Mautic to create and build the K2 Marketing Automation Cloud.

As you may know K2 is made up of extremely talented marketeers with vast experience and endless knowledge. Many of the tools they work with are well known in the marketing world and have been built to address complex marketing scenarios in the most effective way possible. Applying their knowledge has given K2 associates the ability to understand and extract the most important features used by marketeers today. This is why K2 has decided to put their knowledge together to integrate it into one of the most powerful opensource solutions in the marketing automation field, Mautic.

I feel quite lucky and happy to be working at K2 applying my knowledge of Mautic and improving its functionality, as well as extending key features to make this tool even more powerful. So together with everyone at K2 Marketing we welcome you to be part of the K2 Marketing Automation Cloud.

Be sure to follow me on my journey to building K2’s Marketing Automation Cloud, implementing use cases and improvements on the functionality and overall use of the tool.



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