K2 MARKETING AUTOMATION JOURNEY – Making use of your communication channels

26 juli 2019By Marianela Queme

Marketing automation across multiple channels As marketing automation evolves, email marketing is becoming less and less one of the main channels to get your message across to your customers. Making the inclusion of different channels is vital to any marketing campaign. Think of email marketing as the preferred channel but slowly becoming the “Graham Bell communication device” of marketing. Marketing communication needs to evolve, become more efficient and reach more audiences through diverse (multi-)channels.  Getting your message across It’s important to use marketing automation to get your message across many channels as you think relevant to your campaigns. Even important Lees verder

K2’s 2019 Summer Meetup!!

12 juli 2019By Marianela Queme

It’s not all work at K2 Marketing, we also know how to have a bit of fun. And we do so by combining a brainstorming of great ideas with a few dishes we all share and enjoy. Obviously the resulting conversations that come out of a mash up like this is always very interesting. Like feedback from Robert about working with agile groups, or RJ’s expert talks about customer experience. It’s a great way to share our knowledge and to learn from each other.One of the most important aspects is bonding as co-workers and making our working environment a fun Lees verder

K2 Marketing Automation Journey – A month into building the K2 Marketing Automation Cloud

15 april 2019By Marianela Queme

It’s been just over a month since I started working at K2 Marketing where I was invited to join them as their Technical Lead and Mautic expert. During this month, I have been assigned to work with Mautic related projects and also setting up a SaaS solution based on Mautic to create and build the K2 Marketing Automation Cloud. As you may know K2 is made up of extremely talented marketeers with vast experience and endless knowledge. Many of the tools they work with are well known in the marketing world and have been built to address complex marketing scenarios Lees verder